“My Passion, My Year”

Limited Edition Fine Art Linocut Print by Jason LaMotte - GraphicAfire


“My Passion My Year”

Limited Edition Original Fine Art Linocut Print.

This graphic is hand printed by the artist, Jason LaMotte. One of the GraphicAfire representational images, and the first to use two colors, this print depicts an active and powerful horse a pictorial embodiment of strength, drive, and sexual energy.

The image is hand printed (by baren, hand tool, not press) in oil-based, black and red inks (Caligo Safe Wash-with each color being printed from separate matrices, each requiring their own pass) on handmade Okawara paper–a beautiful, Japanese Washi paper, made completely of Kozo. The paper has four deckle edges, and is sized approximately 16.5″ x 12.5″.

The image area of this print is 10″ x 8.”

This graphic is being printed in an edition of 60.

Each print is an original piece of art and varies slightly.

Each print is numbered, titled, signed, and dated by the artist.

Find additional information on the “About” page.

See print at the GraphicAfire Etsy shop

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